Friday, October 03, 2008

enough already!

So I do have strep, again. Third time in as many months. I guess it could be classified as the second time in three months, since I got it in June, treated it and turned out to be immune to the base level antibiotic, so it came back 11 days later. But this is three times of itchy ears, wincing with every swallow, and general throat related annoyance. I know that on the hierarchy of what I could be afflicted with this has a treatment and I (currently) have one that works, but I do not enjoy the regular addition of antibiotics into my system. I mean, I've had to use them a lot throughout my lifetime and am immune to some, for Pete's sake! I'm part of the problem! I never enjoy being able to say that.

So, if anyone has any thoughts on how to build up a resistance to a bacteria that attacks me annually, I'm all ears, itchy as they may be.


hoyden said...

Have you gone all probiotic on their asses? You can take good-bacteria pills (the lady at the *insert crunchy-ass, health-food, yuppie store of choice* was very helpful in recommending some good brands) and there's this drink called kambucha that's pretty tight in a drinkable vinegar kind of way. Visit aforementioned store of choice to purchase. I had a roommate who brewed (s?) it herself, too. Don't know where you can get a mushroom to start a batch though. (It's a fermented tea drink. The "mushroom" is a yeast starter, like for sourdough or friendship bread.)

Wendy said...

Be sure to boost up your immunity with some vitamins and lots of garlic ;).

Hope you feel better soon.