Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hitting the fan

Stay tuned, dear readers, for I know not what this week brings. Remember that intervention I mentioned a few weeks back? Well, it never happened because people kept showing up late or not coming to school, so all the requisite players were not in attendance at the right times. Today the fecal matter hit the proverbial fan, but at the very end of the day, so the only resolution was one student leaving before the conversation was finished. Tomorrow we somehow attempt to pick up the pieces. I do not have high hopes that this can be solved in a day, or even solved by me. Some issues are bigger than a classroom, and this is one of those issues.

Scariest part of all this? It never even crossed my mind once that this job isn't worth it. I still can't see myself doing anything else. If budget cuts get to me, look for me in your local bank branch, because I think I've gone too far off this cliff to come back into a regular classroom safely.

We had a chat, which was really more that I did the talking and they did the listening, and while things aren't totally resolved, the tension level is better. The issues are bigger than they seem-- it's not really about someone getting mad about a mess, but about respect, and a lack of coping skills when things get heated. So it's better now than it was. That's really all you can hope for...

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