Saturday, October 18, 2008

I knew he could do it.

I am not a baseball hater. I enjoy a good game, especially early in the season. But by October, I guess I'm just sort of over the drama. The beloved Sox haven't been playing well recently, and I was really ready on Thursday for them to just let the season go. I sent Boy to bed with the words "It's the 3rd inning. They're down 5-0. Say goodnight to the team, see you next season." He went to bed, content in the knowledge that they were just not playing well, and sometimes you don't win it all. Great life lesson, right?

We all know how this story ends. I head up to bed at about 9:30, heated rice sock in hand to try to "sweat out this pain" (it sort of worked) and WB stayed up to watch the bitter end of summer. I awake to a note on the door: you have got the magic. The Boys of Boston Summers weren't ready to get their Halloween costumes out of storage yet and came back in the 8th inning (or something like that) to win it and force game 6. Humph.

I had wrapped my head around weekends based around which NetFlix had arrived and not what time the game started. I was so excited about the next 4 episodes of Dexter, which now have to wait for heaven knows how long because we're on a 3 week series of booked Friday nights. (Richard Thompson concert last night, Peter Mulvey concert next Friday, then Halloween followed by a Great Big Sea Concert.) I was excited to not have any excited utterances floating up the stairs late at night as someone either had a great at bat or horrible inning. I was ready for the vacation we take from the end of Red Sox games until March Madness. Wll, it's not so much a vacation as it is a respite from following a specific team's every move. We'll have hockey on, football sometimes, soccer when we can find it, gymnastics, pool, skating, skiing... pretty much anything that's on, but the difference is out of season NetFlix arrivals have priority over the random golf tournament. Anyhow, I was ready to possess the clicker again. Humph indeed.

So now it's 3 innings further than it was when I gave up on the season Thursday night, and the Heros are in the lead. I guess I just have to accept that it could be well into November before I can watch the next episodes.


Beth said...

We're hoping to go see Great Big Sea, too. I'm looking forward to it--the season should be over by then, shouldn't it?

SJ said...

As a suggestion, get another TV and watch your NetFlix there, or have WB and WL listen to the games on the radio. It is a lot more fun that way.