Wednesday, July 01, 2009

(I would ride) 500 miles*

WB revised our flight plan this morning, with our end point being Madison, WI. It was an 8 hour drive (not counting traffic in Chicago), and Gramma S. and my Fabulous Uncle graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, so a brief visit was almost mandatory.

We accomplished the goal. After showers and breakfast, we hit I-90 at 11 AM. Ohio went on... followed by Indiana and Illinois. Driving through the heart of Chi-town was not fun. Especially at 4:30 PM. We landed in Madison at 8 PM. The kids had earned a swim, and then we had dinner and found the campus. Sadly, it was 9:30 by then, and our tour would not make Dori or Camille's short list of greatest college tours ever, except that we went out of our way to take our kids to a campus at 9:30 at night. They saw the library... and some buildings we couldn't identify. I wish we could have poked around, but that will have to wait for another trip.

Tomorrow's destination is Fargo, ND. You betcha!

*Mike, I can't toss you an easier softball. Hit it outta the park already!


Nic said...

Well I "Proclaim" that you have referenced a very favorite song. do I get a pretty for my late night blog reading??? Glad things are going well. Loves -- Nic

rach :) said...

You do get a pretty... but what you get depends on what cool pic I take :) Hope life at home is going well!

Wendy said...

Arghh! We are so not in sync! Second day in a row when I knew the reference and missed the boat. *whine*

I hear weird stuff happens in Fargo. Take care ;).

Mike said...

A full 12 hours off the mark.


Lea said...

Hi, it's Lea, writing for Nanny! No internet in ND! She'll write later! Thanks! Bye!

rach :) said...

Oh people, everyone who plays is a winner! I'm a teacher for heaven's sake-- we can all earn the prize, together!

If my cool shot-out-the-window-through-the-sideview-mirror comes out, that's what y'all get. Otherwise, who knows?