Saturday, July 04, 2009

a lot can happen in the middle of nowhere*

Due to lack of internet-ready rooms in Fargo, yesterday was a disconnected day. (Thanks, Beaner, for covering for me!) I could have walked around and found me some Wi-Fi, but WB encouraged the second margarita, so it was naptime instead. Here are the highlights, in case you care:

-- left Madison, WI on I-90/I-94 and made it around St. Paul/Minneapolis pretty easily... except for the weird jam heading out of the city. But we were playing Boys and Girls in America by The Hold Steady, so I was ok. (I'm too tired to link it now, but check it out if you like edgy punky stuff. I love 'em.)
-- drove across MN and saw a lot of farms. Girly started announcing white horse sightings. She has the cutest little voice...
-- drove by my Creative Memories warehouse in St. Cloud and a Budweiser plant. That made me want a margarita pretty badly.
-- made it to Fargo in time for dinner, and the Motel was right across from a Mexican place. Fate, or what?

*yes, yes, EVERYONE who gets the reference gets some picture I take. Either that or a burned copy of my favorite Hold Steady songs. Yea, I think that's the prize....

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Katie said...

Your quote is from the movie, "Fargo".

Which I found to be a very strange movie. (I fell asleep.)