Tuesday, July 07, 2009

update from Dino Camp

WB is settled into his week looking for dinosaur bones. He called last night, from the top of some mountain he had to hike up (I'm sure it's more like a hill, but you get the idea) to get cell coverage. He was able to slide into a vacated cabin and get himself a single. Other tidbits include the obvious lack of interwebs, the prevalence of rattlesnakes, and that the roads become impassible mud runs should it rain. (We are really, really hoping for a dry Friday and Saturday so he can return to us on time!) In short, just what he expected.

Tonight he called while we were at dinner. The reception kept cutting out, and I couldn't hear him through the disjointed call and the full room. He told Boy and Girly, though, that he'd found a dinosaur tooth and a backbone, possibly from a T-Rex. That's worth the price of admission right there, folks! I wonder if those artifacts will end up in the museusm next to the rest of the specimen they have on display. (The actual bones, not just replicas.)

It sounds like he's having a good time. I hope he is. I'm sure Beaner and her fellow incoming 7th graders are going to have a good year filled with cool dinosaur stories. Lucky them!


hoyden said...

That is so cool!

Beth said...

oh what fun!! I can't wait to hear all about it. It sounds like you are all enjoying your vacation, thanks for sharing it with us water-logged homies.