Sunday, July 26, 2009

school of rock

Music has always been a central part of our marriage: I knew he was the right guy when he also knew Fairy Tale of New York that first Christmas. We've gone to lots of shows.. and now that the kids are older, they come along. (Hey-- it's sometimes cheaper than paying a sitter!) Actually, they've been coming along for a few years. Their first show was Guster, Ben Folds, and Rufus Wainwright on our way to Palm Springs in 2004. Since then they've seen BNL, Great Big Sea, and John Eddie. Who the Hell is John Eddie? you ask? Think country Bruce Springsteen and that's pretty close. He puts on a fun show, and seeing him on 207 last night made us realize it'd been awhile since we'd seen him.

Having the kids with us at shows makes me happy. We never played Barney or kids songs when they were little-- they listened to what we listened to, and liked it. And it shows. They can sing along with a lot of the bands we see, and in the right setting, they even jump up and down. Tonight's venue was like a movie theater with a stage, so there was way more sitting in the crowd than there should have been, but when in Rome, you don't anger the people behind you. The kids brought it at the end and did us proud.

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