Saturday, March 29, 2008

3 is a magic number

I have always believed in the "things happen in threes" adage. Good or bad, when there are 2 things, it's extremely rare that I don't happen upon a third in the series. This year, it seems, has a lot to do with babies. I have 3 grandstudents either here or on the way, and in the last 48 hours I have learned of 3 babies coming this fall, one of whom is my nephew!

I had a dream earlier this week that a dear friend was also pregnant for the first time, which brought much rejoicing among everyone who knows her and her husband. This is the second such dream I've had about them being parents, so I have a pretty good feeling that this too will come to pass. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if my dreams match those of Allison-- and if this could be the third set of baby magic to pass my way this year.


katie said...

If this baby magic were to come true, we'd be very happy. Cross your fingers.

Weather Boy said...

I think the human mind is just trained or wired to pick up on patterns of three: once is an incident, twice is coincidence, and three times is a pattern.

Three is still a magic number, though.