Friday, March 14, 2008


Since yesterday I told you about my delightful son, and in fairness I need to also tell you about my darling daughter, so neither of them can use it to get me to pay for therapy in the future. I don't believe you always have to be equal to be equitable, but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

Cheer Chick has certainly inherited my nervous qualities. She has started to get stomachaches from nerves, and last night reported a headache for no obvious reason. She is a pleaser; if any of you out there share the malady, you know it's not always a great thing. I hope she learns to manage it better than I ever did.

She is also stubborn. Family lore still tells of the 2 year old who refused to apologize to Mike, and sat on the stairs for close to half an hour before she finally realized I was more stubborn than she. Now, she will not speak to someone new unless she decides it's ok. NO ONE can force her to change her mind-- she must change it for herself. A great quality on the playground, but not so great when, say, meeting Great Aunt Millie for the first time.

So far, her school experience has been easier than her brother's. I hope that remains true for her, and that her brother is able to enjoy increasing peace in his adventure. Since I know schools are not created for boys, no matter how smart or sensitive, it is likely her journey will always feel easier. I also know, someday, she will no longer delight in making everyone happy all the time, and will start demanding attention herself. Again, that will not be a horrible thing, but it probably will cause me to go a little bit grayer.

Which, I guess, is really the job of my kids: to figure out who they are, drive me nuts in the process, and grow up to be strong, independent thinkers. These 2 are certainly on their way.

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