Monday, March 31, 2008


So tonight, after getting home from dance at 6:30, I'm standing in the kitchen while Weather Boy cooks our dinner. (Yea me!) We're talking about our respective days, when the door opens, and in walks my friend carrying a birthday cake. "Happy Birthday! I had Nana make you a cake!" Now, this friend of mine used to work in my classroom with me, and left about a year ago for a new job. She and I are very different in many of our opinions on things-- Sports Done Right being the most obvious one-- but we both value the same things: friends and family and making someone else feel special. She certainly succeeded tonight. I'm speechless. I expect my bestfriends will treat me well (as they more than did this weekend), it goes without saying my husband and kids will, but this was unexpected, and just so thoughtful. I am lucky to still have this woman (and her family!) in my life.

So tomorrow, I will crack open my famously delicious Nana's chocolate cake, and think about how blessed I am. Yes, Aimee, life is f***ing great!


SJ said...

Who are these friends, and do they know when my birthday is? Just kidding, but maybe we could get them to do a cake for the bloggers when we have our party!

Mike said...

Happy F******* Birthday