Monday, March 17, 2008

Power of 10

I learned in January that my mother-in-law's family has it's own decade birthday phenomenon thing. Her oldest sister was born in 1928, she was born in 1938, Weather Boy in 1968, and Weather Lad in 1998. It's not quite as cool as Mike's family, that currently starts at 8 and counts by 10s to 48, but you have to admit, having a 'decades party' would be kind of fun. 80, 70, 40, 10. Grandma told me over the weekend that she realized her parents would have turned 110 this year, adding them into the equation. (Turns out they were born on the exact same day as well. Talk about partners for life!)

Doing the math has also highlighted the magic of 30 in parenting in their family: her parents were 30 when her sister was born, and both she and her son were 30 when their sons were born. 20 years seems a long time to wait and see if the pattern continues, or if it's just a random bit of luck, but it's kind of fun to think about isn't it?

Even fancier math tells me that 20 years from now is the magic time for both the boys to keep the trend going. Granted, Mike's brother and nephew have to play their part first (no 18 year old dads allowed, thank you very much!), but isn't that really freaky, don't you think? It's at least fun to think about when I feel the need to think about something over which I have no control.

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