Sunday, March 16, 2008

Roger Daltrey must have had parents

We met up with my parents today. They drove up to Auburn, we drove down, and we met at Central Maine Archery to watch Weather Lad shoot some arrows. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that they'd arrive in their RV, but it totally took me by surprise. After the shooting, they took us to lunch-- which was great-- but we then got to hang out in the parking lot eating popsicles while smelling the dog's breath. Good times.

I'm not sure what happens after the age of 60, but I'm really not looking forward to it. I love my parents, and I am so thankful that they love each other enough to want to spend weeks on end squished into their bedroom on wheels with only each other and their smelly dog for company. Will Weather Boy and I feel the same in 20 years? (That we're only 20 years away from that is a separate post in itself.) Equally importantly, will Weather Lad and Cheer Chick feel the same about us? When their Bestfriends ask how our visit went will they say we're "as insane as ever"? My guess is the odds aren't in our favor.

My parents are members of their generation. I'm glad they didn't die before now-- I'm pretty sure they are too. So I guess if insanity is a part of longevity, then bring on the RV!

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Weather Boy said...

Have no fear, the kids are all right.
However, I hope I die before I get old...but not before I get to witness my kids in those years that are (wait for it) a teenage wasteland.