Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We hosted a Dickvale gathering last night, and, as always, it was a wonderful night. I always awake feeling refreshed and renewed after these gatherings (although still exhausted; I've given up hope of ever not being tired again). It is truly amazing to be part of a group of friends who accept people as they are, without pretense. The kids run around, join in conversations and songs as they go, a part of the fabric of our lives. I can't imagine ever living anywhere else and leaving these beautiful people behind. And so I will stay, happily, forever. Enduring winter and mud season are minor sacrifices and more than worth it.

Today we are coloring eggs, finding presents left well hidden by EB himself last night, and sharing a meal with the kids' grandparents. What a wonderfully lazy Easter Sunday! I must go find a dessert recipe to try out... I'm thinking some sort of shortbread with Nutella spread. I wonder what I'll find?

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Mike said...

And a wonderful time was had by all.

Great couch!