Saturday, March 15, 2008

that sucked

Well, the Praxis gods are not on my side today. First of all, my buddies at DOE refuse to acknowledge at Alt Ed should be it's own certification, and not just whatever regular ed cert you hold. Since I don't hold a high school certificate yet, I get to jump through the hoops to be social studies certified (it's what I was closest to). Which means, Praxis II. Yea me.

So I decide to go for it March 15. Why not? Seems like a fine day. Turns out it was another one of those snowy Saturdays we've been having of late. Not a fun drive to farmtown at 6:30 AM, but whatever. The plows weren't on the road, but no one else was, either. I do arrive in enough time to prove that everybody does run on Dunkin, so at least I'd had my sip of coffee.

Now these Praxis people have lots of silly rules. Like no coffee in the testing room. Not cool. Also you have to report at 7:30, but they're not scheduled to start testing until 8:30! Um, that's my extra hour of sleep you just consumed, but no worries. And when you're done, you can't leave. Why? How are you going to influence the people in the room if you're gone? Whatever. Then there's directions to read after everyone is done... and based on the random selection of social studies questions today, I'll get to repeat the process in June. Yea me indeed.

At least I hadn't wasted a ton of time studying things that weren't even on the test. That really would have put me over the edge. Note to fledgling educators out there, pursuing history positions: know your economics well!


Weather Boy said...

...because economics is such a hot topic in the hallowed halls of high school academia...

We'll get you some Adam Smith, some Graser, and maybe a little bit of Greenspan and you'll be all good. Yet another reason I've vowed to never search for another job again.

Mike said...

I was really praying for a Cuban Missile Crisis essay.

Ugghhh, economics. Can't say that my time with Dr. $20,000 in credit card debt (really that's all I remember about him) left me with a sound foundation.

SJ said...

Let's not get started on the Praxis gods or the DOE.... they are very high on my list.