Sunday, April 13, 2008

one more week

It's a busy week ahead, which will probably mean it will fly by. Two recital rehearsals, track practices, scrapbooking, and then life in general fill it up. I need to remember to make an appointment for the van to get it's mileage check, too. Must do that tomorrow...

I can not believe that it is time to deal with April vacation. Where has the year gone? I mean, really? Time is just flying by, and our lives along with it. Nine more weeks and then we will be blissfully on summer vacation. This summer will take us to the Cape again, and I hope to get to Western Mass to see my high school friend. If my Dropout Prevention conference in Orono survives the budget massacre, I think we might also take a trip to The County. Perhaps we'll roll a yatzee on the Marden's challenge before SJ and The Music Man do!

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SJ said...

Well since I seem to be getting so much flack for the Marden's Challenge, maybe we should do a little divide and conquer amongst the RVB - and make it a blogging challenge. I call dibs on Rumford!