Friday, April 25, 2008

U. Charley

Today Girly and I headed off to Uncle Charley's memorial service. My sister in law and her youngest two carpooled with us to Lunenburg. It took just over 3 hours to arrive, and was a pretty easy drive down, especially since her boys slept most of the way :). As an interesting aside, they were worried their mom was going to have to wake me up, as I didn't get up until 10 minutes before we were scheduled to leave: they've never witnessed my ability to motivate in the morning, which allows me as much sleep as possible. Girly and I were dressed and ready to go as promised. Your Aunt has some skills to teach you boys, if you're paying attention.

The service was nice, complete with a flag ceremony courtesy of the Navy. Although my boys were greatly missed, everyone agreed that it couldn't be helped, and are looking forward to their stories when next we meet. I told Boy I took a few pics, so here they are. Hope you found an internet hot spot before bed.

For those loyal followers out there, they officially entered the Northeast (Penn) tonight, and I was on the phone with them when they crossed into New York, which is officially close enough for a rescue mission if it became necessary. And more good news: they're logging 15 miles per gallon now! Weather Boy is feeling motivated to spend the last night of vacation on his couch and in his own bed, so there is a major push to be back tomorrow night. At 9 PM, they were probably 8 hours from Albany, which we figure is 8ish hours from home. I bet they're going to crank out some serious mileage tonight. Stay tuned...

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Weather Boy said...

Thanks for that. I got a little tear. Can't wait to get home.