Thursday, April 17, 2008

YEA ME!!!!!

There was actual hopping in my kitchen. Weather Boy's comment: "I didn't realize you were really worried about not passing." I was totally not kidding, but I made it, well above the minimum score required.

We celebrated with chocolate shakes (under 21) and mudslides. SJ, we so need to celebrate our accomplishments over break.

What a relief. I say again, yea me!!!


Beth said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Rach! Your Dave sounds like my Dave...they have so much confidence in us. Sometimes I wish I had half as much confidence in myself!--Meg

Mike said...

And you didn't even need Keynes and the Cuban Missile Crisis. You're a rock star.

Welcome to the elite club of certified social studies teachers.

My renewal arrived in the mail yesterday.

SJ said...

We will have to enjoy an adult beverage or two in the near future! I'm going away for a few days over vacation, but will be back towards the end. Let's get together to celebrate!