Monday, April 07, 2008

What I Should Wear

Day One of New Birthday Clothes (which are nothing like the Emperor's New Clothes), and who knew how many people look at what I wear! I had 3 compliments on my new pants (Gloria Vanderbilt, petite's section of JC Penny) before 8:30 AM. My new shoes (Keen, on Weather Boy's suggestion) also got high approval ratings. Maybe Clinton and Stacy are right, and buying new clothes that really fit make a difference. I can't see me going completely cold turkey from Goodwill, but I guess it doesn't hurt to live high on the hog every so often.


SJ said...

Maybe I will run into you today so that I can see the new threads! You can never go wrong with new clothes, and it is always a good day when people notice!

Weather Boy said...

I think you're lookin' pretty good.

Mike said...

Welcome to the dark side. President Bush is so proud of you.

You look great!