Friday, April 18, 2008

waterfront property?

So I wandered around the house this afternoon, mostly to see if I could get to the clothesline. It's going to take some work. A huge chunk of ice ripped it off the side of the house sometime in March, so I'll need new hardware to get it up and running. I love hanging clothes on the line. I love how clothes smell after being in the breeze, and the rabid recycler in me jumps for joy using natural, free energy to dry my stuff. Anyhow, when I walked around back, this is what I found!
I half expected to see some ducks out there swimming around.


Weather Boy said...

The best part is that we can now circumnavigate the house without walking through any snow. This is particularly important to Kitty.

SJ said...

Looks like I should get you a few pool toys and come over for a beverage or two! Enjoy the new waterfront!