Friday, April 11, 2008


It was a long week, my friends. Long week. My biological school clock says this is the first night of April break, but it turns out this is the weird year of an early Easter and a late break. And so I must content myself with an overnight trip to visit our friends on the coast where the kids will have a sleep over in the living room while we talk the night away.

I love this friend of mine. I met her when she taught at MVHS for a year, partnered with Mike. She is so full of life, and truth oozes from her pores. I always feel centered when I'm with her, which is just what I need after a week of drama at school. Weather Boy the Introvert is staying home this trip to recharge his batteries the way that best suits him. I will miss him, but know he needs a night home alone the same way I need to get out of dodge and laugh with my friend.


Beth said...

Have fun! This is a good weekend to go looking for the sunshine of friendship inside.

katie said...

The sun may even poke out from the clouds! Not a bad combo! (I miss the sun, so any glimpse is a real gift.)