Friday, November 21, 2008

always planning

My mother in law and her sisters laugh at me annually because I want to start making holiday plans in late August. We are busy people, and I need to know where we're going in order to be sure we get it all in. It's become a family joke, which is fine, because I know I'm right.

As a follow up to my budget woes post, I've been working on plans. How to payoff the van; what extras can go, and where I might work. I may have stumbled upon a plan, rather randomly. My alt ed conference had a legal session (a great session, BTW) which followed a post by Beth about her job. I haven't stopped thinking about becoming a guardian ad litem (also seen spelled lietem-- not sure which is right), and many have commented that I would be good at it. So, if my dream job disappears in a puff of budget woes, the kids I love dealing with may have a new advocate on their side.

It's a plan, which is really all I need to sleep through the night. I can do anything with a plan... just watch how many Christmas parties we get in every year!!!

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Beth said...

Rach, according to my Black's Law Dictionary, it is guardian ad litem and it means guardian for the case. I think you would be great at it and will be happy to help you get started.