Wednesday, November 19, 2008

low battery

Today started with one impending drama, moved into another bit of daytime drama, and ended with the predicted drama being as bad as feared. Suffice it to say I cannot even envision going to work tomorrow, never mind sticking around for house and staff meetings, and THEN having to come back on Friday. That excitement I've been feeling about our way cool Thanksgiving event... yup, gone. Nicely done. I'm sure I'll rebound by Monday, but right now, Friday night can't come fast enough.


Missy said...


I don't 'visit' that often, but I knew I 'needed' to tonight. Take a deep breath and remember "it's all about the kids". :) And I don't mean the adults acting like the kids either...

Mike said...

It's times like this when the little engine that could mantra works well.

Hang tough!