Saturday, November 22, 2008

what not coaching looks like

Never in my life have I felt this ready for Christmas. The box to go to my sister is ready to be mailed on Monday. Christmas books for the 4 bestfriends are created, ordered, and ready to go (thanks, Shutterfly!) As you can see, the gifts that I have in the house are wrapped and tagged. It's not even Thanksgiving yet! Yea me!

I do have some work left to do. Calendars for both sets of grandparents, half-dips for my dad, stockings for the family, and purchasing fewer than a dozen items for people still on the list. Then, of course, I have cookies and chocolates and pot luck dishes to make and enjoy. I'm feeling like I'm really going to be able to enjoy this season because I'm so far ahead of the game. I guess the economic crisis has been good for something-- it forced me to start shopping early so I wouldn't have to use any credit cards.

I'm feeling like quite the Boy Scout: I am prepared for the next month of mayhem and joy and love. Bring it on... but don't start playing the carols until I flip the calendar. That just bugs me.


Meg said...

You have learned well, young Padawan!

rach :) said...

I'm sure you have finished shopping by now and will have everything wrapped and ready by the end of the weekend!

I'm under no delusions that this will become an annual event, but I plan on enjoying it while it's happened!