Friday, November 14, 2008


I think it may be time to switch from receiver to presenter. Who knew I was doing "harm reduction"? Well, me, I guess, but I didn't know it had a name.

I wonder if I can start a Friday tradition around our random conversations? How was your week? What did you learn? What can you teach others?

I also need to start some sort of WB's Free Forms.

Conferences are great for new ideas... even if they're not the ideas of the presenters. Maybe better, in fact...


Mike said...

Other than the keynote speaker, Mrs. Buck how was the conference?

Time to think is welcome even when it comes at the expense of the keynote speaker.

Take advantage of those walk and talks as well.

rach :) said...

One great session, 2 good ones, one awful one. And I did volunteer to present next year. I figure it's not only the right time for me, but it's also good PR if my program comes up under the budget microscope.

(Yes, Wendy, I guess I really do tend to land on my feet!)