Saturday, November 29, 2008


A great idea from SJ and Katie.

1. Friends, all of them. I love my Dickvale crowd, my RVBs, my DHS friends, my bestfriends... I am blessed to b surrounded by so many wonderful people.
2. Stuff. I have everything I need and then some. I am comfortable, warm, and full.
***EDIT: Except my oven, which just died. Humph.***
3. Health. Aside from a few minor issues, my friends, family, and I are all healthy and going strong.
4. Work. I am lucky to have found a job that I love that provides us with the paycheck we need to keep #2 & #3.
5. Family, immediate and extended. As much as they can drive me nuts, it is good to have so many people to care about, and to be cared by. And the 3 others who reside here with me, well, I'd be lost without them.

so happy Thanksgiving, all. May you find peace in this coming hectic season.


Katie : said...

Very nice post with a certain sensibility. Peace is always good!

hoyden said...

Hey, now you're just like M&D. They haven't had a working oven in years!

rach :) said...

Yea... except I'm going to call tomorrow, as in as soon as the fixit guys are available, to come fix the thing, which has me quite far removed from our crazy parents, thank you very much!