Sunday, November 09, 2008

political insight of the night

We watched 60 Minutes tonight, and there was a story about the Obama election team. They commented that Obama's reaction to the Reverend Wright situation was a big turning point. I say it is the reason he is our next President. (To be honest, WB does too, but this is my post. I gave him the Grant Park East one.) Think about it: faced with a situation that could have become the Monkey Business of this election, Obama stood up and controlled the news cycle. He spoke his mind rather than saying what people wanted to hear. That is what a leader does, and ultimately why he was elected.

During the primary run, I made the prediction, based on history, that America would elect a black man before a white woman. Black men earned the right to vote in 1870 with the Fifteenth Amendment while women had to wait until 1920 and the Nineteenth Amendment. I have to admit, that while I would have voted for Hillary if she was the nominee, I am so very, very glad I was right.

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