Friday, November 14, 2008

working towards a 4

Beaner Bean called me tonight with some news. She didn't call Boy or Girly, but me. "You're important to me and you should know." For over a decade we've been talking about how cool it will be when our kids talk to us, or at least one of us, about the important stuff. We're now reaching that actual point. The next 10 years should be fairly ...interesting, but I'm hopeful that we'll all get to the other side, adults and children both, and realize we all did the best we could. That's really all we can hope for.

I then had a quick little conversation with Boy about various things, and for the moment, anyway, he cares what I think and what I have to say. Let's hope that continues, too.

I love these 4 people more than I ever thought possible. Watching them grow up is just the coolest. I am truly lucky to have them.

(Let's hope they're not the only ones!)

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Katie : said...

Yesterday was a momentous day.

(Let's hope, well put.)