Sunday, January 11, 2009


Remember last month when the oven died and then the windshield cracked? I tried to convince myself that the third in the line was something silly like an exploded pen all over me. I should know better. Today, the water pump appears to be within hours of death.

I noticed our electric bill was a bit high last month-- higher than it should have been with Christmas lights and the electric bits of the external wood furnace working full time. Then WB noticed the pump was coming on a lot. I called someone, and they misunderstood the issue. Today, the pump is just not shutting off. So WB shut it off. Now every time we want to use water, he goes downstairs and turns it back on. One of these times, it just won't. I've called Our Guy, who happens to be the step dad to my longest running student. He's coming by one night this week. We probably need a new pump. The last time it died was 7 years ago. Saturday morning of Memorial Weekend. Boy was 4 and Girly 2. Running water was sort of important, so we paid the double time charge for the nice people to come. Still paying off that debt, as it got mixed into other random emergencies on the equity line. At least this time the kids are old enough to wait until a weekday. At least its working enough to not have to go lug water up from the stream. Luckily we have a Guy who likes to come work for us after his day job is done... which is great, except it means we have to wait. I don't like waiting. But he treats us well, and keeping this relationship happy is win/win for all of us.

So if you see one or all of us knocking on your door with shampoo and towels in hand, you'll know why. And please let us in!


SJ said...

Sorry to hear about your H2O problems, always comes in threes. It is always good to have "A Guy" who you can call and take care of things around the house. I have a few of those people who I keep on speed dial.

Weather Boy said...

The good news? It's not the pump.

The bad news? We don't know WHAT it is. Could be a frozen line, but it pulls SOME water. Could be a bad foot valve, or something clogging the line, but the water is really clean.

It's definitely not a lack of water. So I will rig up a 5 gallon bucket with a rope to drop down the well, and we'll kick it old school for a while. Man, this economic downturn is having some unforeseen consequences!

Katie : said...

Come on over anytime!