Saturday, January 03, 2009

winding down

Vacation is coming to an end. It's hard to think about waking up to an alarm again and getting back to running to dance and gymnastics (JOAD kept up over break). But, really, is there a better time schedule for parents? I feel quite blessed to get so much time with my family.

I am missing my sunshines, though. I wonder how their holidays were. No one has made the papers, so that's good news. No one has called, which probably means no tragedies beyond typical teenaged ones. But still, I look forward to their stories Monday morning. (Not to the alarm, though, even if it means them. I swear schools should run 10-4.)

Tonight we had fish and chips and onion rings (opened, unused beer from NYE means time for some batter!) and are watching The Muppet Movie. WB saw this in Rumford back in the day... I must have seen it at the Maine Mall Cinemas... both of which have been torn down. Somehow the kids have reached 9 and almost 11 and not seen this movie. Bad parents, I know, but easily rectified. Netflix is a great thing, no?


SJ said...

What what did they think of the Muppet Movie?

hoyden said...

I only have hazy memories of it. I should probably watch it again.

rach :) said...

They LOL'd within the first 4 minutes, and it was all downhill from there.