Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I need our luck to change. Today started with a flat tire. Thanks to the generosity of my autobody shop owning neighbors, they changed my tire with their power tools and I was on my way again after only an hour. Had they not been there I think I would have had to call in the favors I've built up in my classroom. Anyway, I need this luck to change. I'm not sure the message the greater Cosmos is trying to send me, but I know you're telling me something.

Or maybe I just need to take a page from Katie's book and let it go and trust that this is all happening for a reason and it'll all work out, somehow, in the end.

4 new tires later, the van is ready for the coming snow.

I know it could be worse, but really, I just need a break.


Beth said...

What's the saying, It never rains, but it pours or as the bumper sticker says "Sh**& happens". Let me know if we can do anything to assist but I have great faith in you and your family's ability to get through things. One thing I noticed when my kids were little and we would go through "bad spells". The kids would pull through like troopers while we were in the thick of it, but once safely on the other side, there were usually some reactions or change in behavior. But, then you get through those with consistency and love. Keep your chin up, maybe a snowday tomorrow to sleep and catch up.

rach :) said...

Thanks, Beth. I know we'll find a way through, but man, I'd like a day with no updates...

The kids were awesome this morning with the tire. Waited patiently, only asked that I go into school with them because they were late. Boy and his buddy (who's dad is being laid off) are planning ways to make some money themselves. Good kids, without a doubt.