Monday, January 05, 2009

step it up!

I didn't get home in time to go for a walk tonight-- a college girl stopped in to chat after school and then I had promised the cheerleaders I'd come critique practice. I had gotten home with just enough light to dig my old step aerobics step out of the shed. So, during Jeopardy! I walked up and down and all around, switching direction and movement every minute. All those steps we did in the basement of the Madison in the early 90s came rushing back... a few more sessions of low impact, old lady tempo and I should be hopping around like the old days.

I went to step aerobics when I was new to the area and a newbie teacher. One of the veteran teachers was quite the exercise addict and brought me along. I figured it was a great way to meet people, get to know the area, and stay active at the same time. Once I met WB and started having someone I wanted to hang out with in the afternoons I stopped going. I have always liked aerobics-- the dancing/cheerleader/gymnast comes out loud and clear-- but I hate paying for it. Maybe this flashback will get me through the dark days of winter until I can get outside, walking the streets.


Weather Boy said...

Hey, my original comment didn't get saved! That's okay, it was kind of stupid anyway. Not at all like this one.

hoyden said...

Corner to corner, now over the top, tap it left, over the top, and around the world. OK, march it out.

I think I could still do all those steps, too. God bless Carolina's step-aerobics classes.

SJ said...

Thanks for the sunflower picture. WL delivered it to "Miss SJ" this morning! It will be framed and have a home of honor. Watch my blog for a photo give away sometime soon, and maybe a book giveaway too.