Monday, January 12, 2009

livin' la vida Norlands

So I'm finding it slightly ironic that today, when the death of the founder of the Norlands Living History Center was announced in the local paper, we are carrying water in 5 gallon buckets and melting snow. I say, you haven't truly lived until you've melted snow on the stove to do dishes. One bowl with soapy water, one for rinsing. Granted, I was using my modern gas stove, with electric lights to help me, but still, it gives one a sense of gratitude for the wonders of indoor plumbing. I can't believe Devon didn't have indoor hot water until 1983. Further proof that she was an absolute saint.

As WB mentioned, we have lots of options on what may be wrong, but no clear solution. The guys will be back in the AM-- one a former student who is a great kid and loves his job-- to try to fix it. I trust them completely. I have rekindled respect for my friends at Community Energy. We'd hit a rough patch a few years back with budget payments for oil, but the service side of the business has always been rock solid. They are my official Go-To People. Rosemarie recognized me immediately, although it's been a couple of years since I'd called. Let's hope it's a bunch more years before we speak again!

A shout out belongs to the bestfriends, who harbored the kids after school and have offered meals and showers until the problem is solved. This, good people, is why you have friends. You people rock!


hoyden said...

Doooood. That sounds so sucky. Good luck on the troubleshooting.

And I remember visiting Norlands with Mrs. T. It was, like, so cool. I wanted to wear a sun bonnet for years ... until I wore one in Annie Get Your Gun, and I realized how uncomfortable they are, that is.

SJ said...

I spied with my little eye Rach going into the laundry mat yesterday. At first I wondering "Gee, Rach doesn't have a washer and dryer?" then I remembered about the water problems. Good luck with that, thoughts are with you during the chilly spell.

Weather Boy said...

I described my sojourn with the 5-gallon bucket to a colleague as "paying tribute to Billie Gammon".