Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year!

Because we love to cook, I guess, we try to honor other culture's special holidays. Today is the Chinese New Year, I think the Year of the Ox. So, we set to cooking. I made Wonton Soup and WB made dumplings, using the same meat mixture he made last night for both. I also made a Long Life Noodles from Cooking Light (yes, I modified it by what I had in the fridge. Still authentic, but also using what's here.) And, just because I had splurged on Wonton wrappers, I made up a Crab Rangoon recipe. I'll need to work on that-- I think more cream cheese and some more flavor of some sort. Garlic? Ginger? Onion? We'll need to keep playing.

I do enjoy these cooking adventures. Trying something new is always fun, and it usually comes out well. And while school does Diversity and Cultural Awareness Day once a year (which coincidentally was today), I think it's nice to expose the kids to other cooking cultures in the comfort of their own home. Yea, they're on track to grow into culturally accepting kids, but it doesn't hurt to know that other peoples make your belly happy :)

Next up: Mardi Gras. Perhaps WB's favorite of the year! Come on down Feb 24 if anyone is in the mood for some Cajun cookin'!


SJ said...

In my long and never ending day I forgot that today was the New Year. Chinese New Year is one of my favorite holidays, I love the cleansing and starting fresh idea. I had planned on getting some take-out and thinking about cleaning my soul and house. All I did was sweep my kitchen and wipe down the counter - at least the Kitchen god should be happy, right?

rach :) said...

My guess is you could do a Chinese New Year Observed and the gods would still shine upon you :)