Friday, July 18, 2008

informal invite

This was sent by email to friends far and away... but it seemed quicker to hit all our RVBers this way. Hope you can come!

In honor of Dave's 40th birthday last spring, we're throwing a party August 16. Come just Saturday night or come for the weekend, camp in the back yard if you'd like... but we hope you can come. Bring something to share or just yourselves. There may be a band, but there will definitely be guitars by the campfire. Who knows how many kids will be running around... but no matter, it should be a good time for all.

Please let us know if you think you can make it!

1 comment:

phenomemom said...

Not sure if I mentioned, but the kids won't be with us that weekend. Bummer. I think they'd have fun reconnecting with the Peru kids. :(

But we'll be there, at least for a little bit. :)