Thursday, July 24, 2008

who's got the Morton's salt?

So as SJ alluded earlier, today's weather had you wishing you had a boat nearby... just in case. It rained like you only read about, and no one 'round here was heard sayin' "... God willin' and the creek don't rise..." We get flooding every spring (and that winter storm a few years back that flooded Canton-- that was a real scary spring!) so this isn't (yet) a 100 year flood or anything, but it's as high as we've ever seen the water. Dave planted a new flower down by the banks as it likes 'wet feet', but we're hoping it's still there, as it was completely submerged this afternoon. Nature has a way of working itself out though, given enough time. I wonder if we're patient enough to wait her out?


Beth said...

what a 24 hours we have had! I was surprised to see how high the Androscoggin was yesterday and that was around 2 p.m.--we got a lot more rain after that. As I sip my coffee this morning, though, I think the clouds are starting to clear.

phenomemom said...

It was really good! (The movie, I mean).

Very much like the show in a lot of ways, but some twists and turns along the way.

Definitely worth seeing. :)

phenomemom said...

oh, and I am 64% geek.

Although I feel the test was a bit inaccurate. They were looking mostly for "computer" geek, whereas I am a literary/trivia geek.