Monday, July 07, 2008

now THIS is summer!

Swimming lessons started today, and we actually felt like sitting on the beach, taking a random dip as kids swam. Dinner on the fire, margarita going (Katie-- wish you were here!), looking at another one just like it tomorrow.

Yes, the livin' is very easy!

2 comments: said...

We'll have one when I return! Speaking of Margaritas, I had a blood orange one the other night at a place called Sharkey's that was the perfect combination of tart and sweet and it was just wonderful. There were a host of flavors, I had never considered like grapefruit, cranberry-mint, ginger,fresh watermelon, pompegranate etc.

phenomemom said...

dinner on the fire... yum.

I think our barbecue was the best investment I've made in a while. Mr. Phenom is a great griller. And he is very tolerant of me and my weird food paranoias, which makes it even better. :)