Friday, July 11, 2008

satisfying, indeed!

I'll update with a pic tomorrow after it's all gone, but Day 1 of yard sale was today. Some of the stuff I thought would fly out is still here and some of the stuff Weather Boy was figuring out how to get to the dump sold!! Yard sales are a great way to live the "One man's trash is another man's treasure" adage. It is oft quoted for a reason, no?

All in all, I'm very pleased. I have a plan for much of what's left if it doesn't move out this weekend. Today I moved the returnables to their new corner of the shed (near the door for easy removal) and "installed" my new recycling center. I do so love a good re-organization!

When I started this project 2 weeks ago, this wall was burried. Now, it's the home of my recycling. The door opens all the way... there's light in there... yes, truly pleasing. And I still have over a month of summer fun left to go! Life is good!

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Weather Boy said...

Nice job, babe. Gonna make a heckuva place for me to build the canoe!