Monday, July 21, 2008

upside: no crowds

downside: lots of rain

We headed on a Family Field Trip to Reid State Park on Sunday. The hope was it would clear off by the time we arrived... it actually moved in the opposite direction. No worries though-- like good Boy Scouts, Mumma's always have extra stuff on hand. We each loaded up with an umbrella (ella, ella) and walked on the rocks for a bit. It was coming down hard enough that we ended up making sandwiches in the van too. Oh well. We drove around Georgetown a bit more, and then stopped for Blizzards, which, unsurprisingly, we also ate in the car. We stumbled upon a local vendor selling fresh fish at amazing prices, so we came home with 2 lbs haddock, 4 ear corn, and a couple zucchini for dinner. Add in fresh beans from WB's garden, and it was a good day.

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phenomemom said...

We've had outings like that, and like yours, they too have ended up being just as fun. :)
Whoever said playing in the rain isn't a blast?

All right, Paul Adams, time for me to do some dishes.