Thursday, July 17, 2008


So we're enjoying (another!) night without the kids in the house. They have spent a lot of time with friends this summer, and a fair amount of it away from here. They're not to the point where they're trying to leave nightly (I remember being there, and it was not fun for either me or my parents: they seemed to think I should stay home some. I did not see the logic in that argument.) but I'm sure this summer is foreshadowing summers to come. The good news? We're having more date nights than I think we've ever had.

Like tonight. We decided to get a couple of lobsters and cook them on the fire. Lobsters were cheaper per pound than haddock, and we've sort of been hankering them for a few weeks, so... why not splurge? They were soft shell, and quite yummy. We sat outside in t-shirts, squirting ourselves with lobster water. Romantic? Heck no. Comforting? I postulate that you really can't enjoy a lobster unless you're totally comfortable with those indulging with you. WB commented that we'll do ok when the kids are gone... but we're in no rush for that to happen. Date nights are great when you know the munchkins will be home tomorrow :)


phenomemom said...

I concur.

One of the things Mr. Phenom and I focus on when we're trying to be ok with not having more kids is how we're lucky enough to have so much time to just be together, the two of us when the kids are gone. But like you said, it's much nicer when we know the kids will be home soon. I don't know what on Earth I'll do with myself when they're grown and gone.

Glad you enjoyed your date night with the cockroaches of the sea.

I would have opted for caesar salad with ranch dressing.

rach :) said...

So you've decided for real to not go for another? Whatever you decide, if you decide together, it's the right choice.