Wednesday, July 30, 2008

staying calm

I shouldn't panic about flying to Southern California this weekend, right? So what that there was a small earthquake, right? There's already been after shocks, so no worries? Getting to my uncle will be worth all the effort, but it is going to take some deep breathing to make it happen.


Beth said...

As a seasoned frightened flyer--my best advice is to take a book--the kind you would never read in your real life--a steamy romance--Danielle Steele is good or a gossip magazine. Something that your brain isn't used to reading--somehow then your brain gets all involved in reading this new material and you can endure the take offs and landings. You'll never seen your seat mate again--so it doesn't matter if he/she thinks you subscribe to People magazine or routinely read romance novels.

Katie : said...

I'd recommend a visit to the pub before your flight.

rach :) said...

Both suggestions are good ones!!!!!