Saturday, July 19, 2008

passing it on

Today WB and I were talking about finding new music. He has always sought out new stuff-- I don’t even know where he found it all, but he did. He thinks that part of his life is now over, and he is only listening to Too Much Joy from now on. I reminded him that he has remained in the parked car dancing away to the new Old 97’s song, and that was not the act of a fuddy-duddy. Perhaps his lack of seeking is due more to brain cells trying to figure out physics problems than to old age.

Flash forward to later in the afternoon, when he was in his classroom working on said learning and I went to help a friend retrieve her car from the shop. “Oh, you have to listen to this song!” Hey Ma is the soundtrack to our summer of 2008. All four of us listen and hum it’s choruses all day. james rocks. But not many people know that. So I played it for her, and she was tapping along between the first and second choruses. “Good job finding me a good new band I had never heard of!” Perhaps, as with all things in life, we are about to switch from finders of new music to transfer-ers of music that is old to us but new to others.

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phenomemom said...

How funny. I was JUST talking about Old 97's yesterday with a friend of mine. LOVE them. :)

Funny how our old music can be new music for others. Mr. Phenom doesn't really like much of any of my music, but the kids are constantly pulling cd's off my rack and running upstairs with them to see if they've struck gold. :)