Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hope... forshadowed

The West Wing is one of my favorite all time series, written by one of my favorite all time creators. If you have never seen Sports Night, you owe it to yourself to 'flix it. I swear, the man may like his nose candy, but he knows how to write a brilliant script.

Today I caught a few episodes rerunning on Bravo. It was during the election campaign at the end of Bartlett's administration. An aging Vinnick had just earned the Republican nomination; Josh told Leo he was sticking by Matt Santos, a young, Spanish American with limited Congressional experience who was refusing to end his campaign. The young, inexperienced, smart, well spoken Dem beats the aging, conservative, upper class white Republican. Um... wow. No wonder I had so much hope last November.

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Weather Boy said...

Yes, in the parlance of "Slumdog Millionaire", it seems "it was written".