Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So my dear hubby WB wrote about a new Food Network "reality" show. It got me thinking about the kinds of reality shows I enjoy. It has been well documented that I do not enjoy Survivor, and have not watched since the first season (although WB did for awhile, but he's done now too. Yea me!) The Mole was cool, but once Anderson Cooper left, it went downhill. Amazing Race isn't bad, but they started losing me with the eat-a-ridiculous-amount-of-gross-food challenges. Plus you can predict the pairings-- family members, dating and always fighting couple, gay guys, etc. But the ones I really love are the creative ones. Top Chef is also a good way to pass some time, but Padma drives me insane and Tom is a bit too much like Eyeore for me to get sucked in. My all time favorite, of course, Project Runway. I love it all-- the flamboyant personalities, the crazy garments (on the models AND designers!), the "make it work" need to not disappoint Nina. I find it fun, and dramatic, and a real representation of the unreal desire to break into fashion designing, where it is hard to predict why you are in one day, and out the next. And I like that you win based on talent, not based on forming alliances and scheming to get people voted off. Now, if the producers would stop fighting over PR leaving Bravo and heading to Lifetime-- talk about reality tv!-- I could get my fix on.

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