Thursday, February 26, 2009

life happens while you're making other plans

Yesterday turned into one of those days that you just have to figure out.

I had a student who needed a 'cookie' from a tree for a science project, but didn't have a chain saw. Well, he could have found one to use, but he was using that as the excuse to not do the project. Anyone who knows me realizes why I immediately jumped in and offered the use of our chain saw and to come cut one of our trees. He jumped at the chance to help us: since the project is due Friday, days to come cut were limited. Yesterday was it. I got him home, found the tree to cut, donned the snowshoes to get through the ocean of snow in the back yard... and got a phone call from my mom. Mom, upon the advice of my brother, had taken a snowboarding lesson at Sunday River. The lesson went well... but her practice runs on her own, not as well. She'd broken her wrist and needed help. Um... right. Let me make a plan and get back to you. Boy was cross country skiing at BMOM with his after school group. Girly was in tears because she didn't get into art club. I had a student running a chainsaw in my yard. I was supposed to be filling MEA stress bags. No one home at Bestfriends-- either one. Good times.

The plan came together as the path of least resistance: finish the tree project, get Boy, bail on the volunteering, and head to the mountain to grab the patient and drive her to Biddeford. Gramma decided the kids needed food first, so she treated us to a sit down meal (I was expecting drive through, but I guess she didn't want to try to eat in the car or something. I see the logic in that.) Girly and I rode with Mom in her car, WB and Boy followed in the van. We dropped her at about 9 in Biddeford, chatted with Dad for a few minutes... and turned around and headed home. The kids slept, thankfully, and we got home around 11. Not bad, all told.

Mom is probably at the ER now. I haven't heard any updates, but there was a chance of surgery and pins. It could have been worse. But it does get me thinking of the medical future potential. We've hit the age where our parents could require as much assistance as our kids. WB's dad had a hip replacement last year. Mom's wrist. I hope we stay in the physical realm and don't have to deal with any mental issues, although I do worry-- Parkinson's on WB's side, Alzheimer's on mine. It could certainly get worse. I hope it doesn't.


SJ said...

WOW! Crazy day! I just got news from The Mother about a week ago that she needs to have both knees replaced.... I suggested that she schedule it for when I could go to Florida and help out. Good luck!

Katie said...

What a nutty day. What will be, will be. Your parents are still spry in mind and spirit, so the next 25 years will at least be great and by then, think of all the medical advancements?!