Wednesday, February 25, 2009

stop yelling at me!

The one feature of my van that really leaves me less than thrilled happens every spring. When it snows or rains and then gets really cold overnight, the van doors freeze shut, and no one is strong enough to wrestle them open. So, when someone tries to open the door and fails, the van yells at us until it warms up enough to get it open. Yesterday was one of those mornings... and the kids had to climb in and out through the trunk. The interior lights stay on, and the beep of warning starts. And continues. Not fun.

The only solution I've found to be effective is to ignore the screaming van and drive into school, with the heat on full blast. That starts warming the seals from the inside, and then when I arrive I climb up onto the roof and use the window scraper to release the seal from the outside. I'm sure I look insane-- but if I can't stop the beeping, then I am truly going to go insane.

I don't mind winter-- but the transition season is what gets me. I can live with it constantly below 32, and enjoy it when it's routinely above 40, but this in between stuff is for the birds.

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