Friday, February 13, 2009

in which my luck might be changing

Last night I was pulled over for having no left headlight nor rear left license plate light. The officer was very nice, and only gave me a verbal warning. Girly was a bit concerned, but it all worked out as it should have. I didn't even have a panic cry reaction! So it only cost me the embarrassment of being pulled over and the price of a couple of new lights. I'll take it over that plus a ticket any day.

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Katie said...

Not panic crying makes this even better. I always get sad when I am pulled over. Or maybe it comes off as sullen and stoic? Yet I try not to admit my guilt (which is hard). No tickets yet, and I've been pulled over for several minor infractions (such as yours and dare I say, speeding when I was in grad school) and gotten off with just warnings. Did I just jinx myself? Time will only tell!