Monday, February 23, 2009

winter wonderland

I'm not sure if these pictures show it clearly, but that's a lot of bleeping snow out there. WB's best guess is in the 18" range... the kids lost my yard stick earlier this season, and it still hasn't been located, so it's all about perspective. It took us about 2.5 hours to dig ourselves out. WB plows with the 4-wheeler while I work on shoveling and cleaning off the cars. Today I had to strap on showshoes to make the path to the compost and the electric meter. I haven't had to do that in a long time.
One of the local 'kids' decided to attempt our neighbor-on-the-hill's driveway-- right after the town truck left a bank as high as my waist. It didn't take long before he was asking to borrow a shovel, and it took him lots longer to return it. He did get himself out, claiming to have "learned my lesson". I, however, am certain he'll attempt it again next storm-- boys with big trucks don't take defeat easily, even if it is at Mother Nature's hand.
We are heading into the traditionally snowiest part of Maine winters. I hope today was the worst of it, if only because I don't know where we'd put another foot and a half of snow.


SJ said...

I had snow up to my head in some parts of the driveway. I borrowed a snow blower, without it I would have been wollowing in tears in the driveway under the mounds of snow - my little snow scoop just couldn't handle this much!

Anonymous said...

Rach, don't you find it amazing that we live 10 miles from each other and our snow fall was a difference of 12"?! Cute pic of the kiddos!

hoyden said...

That's some snow. It was warm and rainy here today. Well, not *warm*, but definitely not cold.

While you're waiting for the roads to clear, you and WB might want to look through this catalogue. Killer sale. Music I bet you'd love.

Wendy said...

For me, this storm wasn't as bad as the last one, where we had a foot of snow followed by a couple of hours of rain ... and Eric was out of town, which mean clean-up was left to me ... and the snow was HEAVY with all of the rain. I'm still achy from it. Okay, I'm also a bit of a wimp :). This time, Eric was home, and he shoveled the driveway while I did the paths to the chickens, rabbits and woodpile.

Glad to hear you all are okay, though :).